Contributions to Society


1. Raffles Junior College's Building Fund - contribution.
2. Dr Susan Lim Medical Scholarship established at Trinity College Melbourne.
3. Bursary to support the education of the first liver transplant patient's son.
4. NUS-Alumni Association-Chee Phui Hung Endowment Fund - contribution.
5. Balaji Sadavisivan Fund - contribution.
6. Stem Cell Society Singapore Overseas Travel Fellowship Program (Indiapore Trust / Dr Susan Lim 2011-2015) .

Indiapore Trust
Dr Susan Lim and her husband, Deepak Sharma, together with their friend, Satpal Khattar, established the Indiapore Trust to support the education of underprivileged children and in the areas of information technology. The Indiapore Trust has donated towards the:

1. Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
2. Raffles School Education Fund
3. Sinda - School Bursaries
4. The Community Chest
5. Children's Cancer Foundation
6. Raffles Junior College, 2002.
7. Down Sydrome Association
8. YMCA Singapore
9. World Vision International
10. Children of Mother Earth