The Dr Susan Lim Endowment for Education and Research

The Dr Susan Lim Endowment for Education and Research (Dr Susan Lim EER) was established in 2016, with the aim of bringing under one roof, the various scholarships and grants that have been awarded over the years,  to students, scholars and researchers (Slim Scholars), through the efforts of Dr Susan Lim and her husband Deepak Sharma (Please see under Scholarships / Grants for the current efforts).
Mr Sharma is the Chairman of the Dr Susan Lim EER, and together with their five children, Priyanka, Arjun, Geoffrey, Christina and Stephanie, the family funds the Endowment.
One of the objectives of establishing the website is to create an active online community of Slim Scholars. This will provide a forum for all Slim Scholars to interact, help, communicate, share success stories and challenges, and inspire and motivate each other as they build their own successful careers, and give back to their communities. This will lead to building “a family of Slim Scholars” which we can all be proud of.
Throughout her early surgical career, and before the establishment of the Dr Susan Lim EER, the Family has given back to their community through the Indiapore Trust, to the Raffles School Education Fund (2001), the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (2002), the Children’s Cancer Foundation (2002), Community Chest (2002), the Raffles Junior College (2002, 2003), the Down Syndrome Association (2003), YMCA Singapore (2004), World Vision International (2004), among others, and in her personal capacity, has contributed generously to the National Council of Social Services (2008), the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Education Fund (2009), the Raffles Institution Scholarship Fund (2009), and has helped support the education of the son of her first liver transplant patient, Surinder Kaur.
Dr Susan Lim received her undergraduate education at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia under the Colombo Plan Scholarship (1974-1979). She often refers to this educational opportunity as some of her best learning years, including her residency at Trinity College during her clinical years from 1977-1979. In return for this educational experience, the Family started the Dr Susan Lim Medical Scholarship at Trinity College, University of Melbourne in 2010, which continues to date.
In 2007, Dr Susan Lim provided surgical care to the victims of the second Bali Bomb Blast , who were evacuated to Singapore for emergency medical care. Two of the victims under her long term care were from Newcastle in Australia, for which Dr Lim  was subsequently mentioned in the Australian House of Parliament. In 2007, Dr Susan Lim was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Newcastle and this started her long term relationship with the Newcastle community, culminating in the launch of the Dr Susan Lim Scholarship in Medicine at the University of Newcastle in 2016.
In addition to her surgical pursuits, Dr Susan Lim holds a doctorate in Transplant Immunology from the University of Cambridge (1989). Her academic interests have been in stem cells, and in her 2010 TED talk, she made a case for “transplanting cells not organs”.
Dr Susan Lim has been a member of the ISSCR since 2007, member of the Global Advisory Council of the ISSCR since 2008, and in 2015, together with Deepak Sharma, became co-chairs of the Global Advisory Council of The ISSCR for a four-year term ( ). In 2016, the Dr Susan Lim / ISSCR Young Investigator Award was launched, with the award presentation to be held at the ISSCR Annual Meeting in San Francisco in June 2016.
The Dr Susan Lim EER continues as a family effort with active engagement of the five children, all of whom are deeply committed to the family values of giving back to the Communities that they are a part of